Monday, August 25, 2008


Dont know why this morning im feel quite tired.

i thinks last weekend im sleep late and wake up late making my monday morning feel hard to wake up. Some more i went to watch fireworks at Putrajaya at night, 11.30pm reached home, yet still online until 12.30am only go to bed.

this morning, planning to have breakfast in office and skip my usual Oat + nescafe breakfast at home.
when im reached at the parking, walked out, and wanted to take out my wallet, i realised that i din bring my wallet out today.

and it's 7.40am already. i have to get my wallet today. i dun know i just know i need my wallet. so without hesitate, i drive back home and called to office saying i will be late.

i back at office around 9.10am and start busy working. busy whole day. my finance manager still not yet back from holiday.

then suddenly i realised i need go to Bank to get the money so i follows driver go to bank. OMG, it's need my IC, lucky i got my IC with me. refresh back, if i din go back home take my wallet, today i can not take money. *sweat*

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