Thursday, May 30, 2013

H1. The Heart Break run @ Kayapa, Philippines Feb 2013

Finally, it's almost 3 months ago when im was in this H1 ultra race posting the photos of H1. A simple blog entry about H1: Hardcore Hundred Miles UltraMarathon back in 22th Feb 2013. After the race, im so heart break that i never wanted to post the photos. 

Now i'm accepting the reality by sharing photos im taken before H1 race and during H1 race. 

The H1 Ultra start at 12am. Photo shooting at stage before start of event. 

To be honest, ask me now, i dont know why i'm standing there at that point of time! 

With my new headlamp Petzl Nao. i believe i'm the first Malaysia to use in 100 miles ultra race! hehe 

Just before start at starting point with Awesome Ultra runners Cheryl from Philippines and Amy from Singapore!  

Here we go! The start of "underground ultra" which i learnt today not long ago. haha... 
The day before race, it's was raining and the rain started to fall after 2-3 hours after the race started. 

Raining day! It's been raining for whole day! 

The trail of H1 are so raw! According to race director Sir Jonel the route for H1 starting from Kayapa town, heading to Mount Pulag and Mount Ugo and finally back to Kayapa town within the cut off time of 48 hours which are impossible task when he asked a local when he came out with the H1 idea. The local would take around 5 days travel between these two mountains by foot. Yet, there's crazy ultra runners proof the local its possible task! 

It's very interesting to listen to the stories behind an Ultra event. It's really inspired you! 

 You can see the map of route in the link above which i posted back in 22th Feb 2013

Raining! Raining! Raining! 

The views along the trail really nice. Speechless, just enjoy it. 

It's good when you have someone to follow. He is my imagination competitor. My mental follows him and I never can be get dropped. 

I forget what's the 1st guy name already... zzz but i do remember the second guy! he is Patrick. He shouted us when we were heading to wrong direction. That's why im still remember him! 

We were crossing numerous of hanging bridges. They really long long hanging bridges!  

The hanging bridge is old and dangerous, we were warned by do not cross the bridge together but 1 person crossing at 1 time. 

At the bottom of two hills. This mean after this, i have hills to climb! 

End of Part 1. 

Super Ticket Ride 2013 by UCI with P2K - Completed.

Yay. Over 3 days of cycling. I done it. I completed it with P2K & UCI guys over the wesak long weekend!

Below were the details from UCI.

Day 1: Ipoh to Raub 215km (Lunch and Dinner)
06:30 Meet up at McDonald's @ Jalan Medan Ipoh (4°37'16.49"N, 101° 6'59.30"E)
07:00 Ride start
Pit stop @ Sungkai 80km+/-
12:00 ETA arrival Kuala Kubu Bharu
Lunch at Restaurent Kuala Kubu Bharu
13:00 Continue ride
16:30 ETA at Grandview Hotel, Raub (P2K's group check in Hotel K Design)
Grandview Hotel ( 3°47'52.39"N, 101°51'51.06"E)
Hotel K Design ( 3°47'54.28"N, 101°51'50.27"E)
19:00 Dinner at Raub Seafood Restaurant (same row with Grandview Hotel)

Day 2: Raub to Gua Musang 165km (Dinner)
06:00 Breakfast (Hotel provide light breakfast only)
07:00 Ride Start
Pit stop @ Kuala Lipis 55km+/-
Pit stop @ 120km+/-
14:00 ETA arrival Gua Musang
:Uci & P2K check in Fully Inn Hotel (4°53'1.12"N, 101°58'1.11"E)
:Lester's Family check in Hotel Usaha ( 4°52'51.90"N, 101°57'50.73"E)
19:00 Dinner

Day 3: Gua Musang to Ipoh 168km (Pack lunch)
06:00 Breakfast (Hotel provide light breakfast only)
07:00 Ride Start
11:00 Lunch delivery by driver
17:00 ETA Ipoh

Compared to our P2K version of details over 3 days tour:

Kawan kawan sekalian who are going for the Ipoh Ride:
Please be at uptown by 7am this Friday to load up the bags and photo session.
Fri: Uptown - Gap - Bentong - Raub Hotel K Design ( 3°47'54.28"N, 101°51'50.27"E)
Sat: Raub - Gua Musang Fully Inn Hotel (4°53'1.12"N, 101°58'1.11"E)
Sun: Gua Musang - Cameron - Simpang Pulai - Ipoh

3 days, around 466km

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28 May 2013

Things happens everyday.

From working to personal life.

Listening to believe.

Listening to sense opportunity.

Seeing is believing.

Sometimes, i refuse to listen, I just want to be normal, continue what i'm love to do.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Super Ticket - Cycling with P2K & UCI

Do the route look familiar??? 
Okay, this round, more information. 
it's Super Ticket to heaven. 
For us, P2K, starting Uptown - Raub - Gua Musang - Ipoh (Via Cameron Highland) 
Using google map plotting the distance amounting to 471KM. 

While for UCI (United Cycling Ipoh), they lagi hebat. Salute. 
Ipoh - KKB - Raub - Gua Musang - Ipoh. Really big big loop ! 
Distance definitely higher than us. 

Two cycling groups going to meet up at Raub on 24 May 2013, Friday. it's going to be exciting! 

Thank you P2K senior management for joining this UCI inter-states cycling tour! 

p/s: paiseh for the blur blur 1st photo. 

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Cycling Tour

Don't ask.
Don't question.
Just ride.
Just Cycle.

Coming soon. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Postcrossing - Thean Hou Temple

Last weekend, i'm was happily went to Royal Selangor Pewter to restock my postcards, and found out the postcards were sold out. no more Royal Selangor postcard for my #postcrossing ! :(

Gave my contact to the RS staff to contact if my postcard are replenish, and also tweeted RS. Just walked out RS empty hand with some disappointment.

Today, since resting, doing nothing, i have opportunity to visit Thean Hou Gong and managed to grab 1 design with 10 postcard. :)

Postcrossing resume. 

Brought 10, sending out 7 today. 3 remaining. 

While on other hand, i been exploring on "printing own postcard" ! Today, i google again, and found out oversea printing postcards have nice quality but expensive. While in local, i managed to find 1 quotation RM84.00 for 200 postcards. Art works have to provided to the printing services. 

Should i go for printing own postcard? Printing my favourite trail running photo?  

Ride with P2K - Uptown - Kuala Selangor 280413

Yay! My cycling fitness are intact ! It's really long! How i can ended cycling on Sunday? it's all due to i woke up late and time already 6:10am which im initially plan to have slow runs with Bukit Aman runners, listening to stories and updates about running community news.

But i'm too late for that. Thus i got ready for cycling! Cycling out from Kepong to Uptown and meet up with other P2K cyclists. 

Enjoying the drafting with P2K peloton with constant 39-40km/hr speed. :)

Photo credit to CyclingHappy 

BIM 2013 POSTPONED - Borneo International Marathon 2013

I feel it for BIM (Borneo International Marathon) committees. Their hard works, time spent, and energy to organize a superb marathon in Kota Kinabalu were challenged by the unexpected event. 

It's officially that BIM 2013 which schedule to held on 4 May 9:00pm now is postponed. A date will be advise later according to the race director email. 

Below is the attachment attached in the race director email sending to all participants where police advise race director to postpone the marathon.

Below are the message from race director:


My Dear Friends,

It is with great regret and sadness that I write this letter.

We received a letter from the Police (copy below) advising us to postpone the Borneo International Marathon.

We will advise you on the next date of the Borneo International Marathon which will be held in 2013. All entries will be deferred till then.

The Committee understands your disappointment and we feel exactly the same way too.  The stress, the hard work, and the time we have had to put in has resulted in tears and heart wrenching reflections of our volunteers, supporters and Committee. We have tried our best against all odds.

Finally, I would like to thank all our supporters, sponsors, the Police, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of Tourism and Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu for all their help and encouragement.

Meantime, participants who have registered may still collect their race pack at 6th floor, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on 2nd to 4th May between 10am to 6pm.  For more updates, please check our Facebook page and the website at

Thank you.
Race Director


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