Thursday, May 30, 2013

Super Ticket Ride 2013 by UCI with P2K - Completed.

Yay. Over 3 days of cycling. I done it. I completed it with P2K & UCI guys over the wesak long weekend!

Below were the details from UCI.

Day 1: Ipoh to Raub 215km (Lunch and Dinner)
06:30 Meet up at McDonald's @ Jalan Medan Ipoh (4°37'16.49"N, 101° 6'59.30"E)
07:00 Ride start
Pit stop @ Sungkai 80km+/-
12:00 ETA arrival Kuala Kubu Bharu
Lunch at Restaurent Kuala Kubu Bharu
13:00 Continue ride
16:30 ETA at Grandview Hotel, Raub (P2K's group check in Hotel K Design)
Grandview Hotel ( 3°47'52.39"N, 101°51'51.06"E)
Hotel K Design ( 3°47'54.28"N, 101°51'50.27"E)
19:00 Dinner at Raub Seafood Restaurant (same row with Grandview Hotel)

Day 2: Raub to Gua Musang 165km (Dinner)
06:00 Breakfast (Hotel provide light breakfast only)
07:00 Ride Start
Pit stop @ Kuala Lipis 55km+/-
Pit stop @ 120km+/-
14:00 ETA arrival Gua Musang
:Uci & P2K check in Fully Inn Hotel (4°53'1.12"N, 101°58'1.11"E)
:Lester's Family check in Hotel Usaha ( 4°52'51.90"N, 101°57'50.73"E)
19:00 Dinner

Day 3: Gua Musang to Ipoh 168km (Pack lunch)
06:00 Breakfast (Hotel provide light breakfast only)
07:00 Ride Start
11:00 Lunch delivery by driver
17:00 ETA Ipoh

Compared to our P2K version of details over 3 days tour:

Kawan kawan sekalian who are going for the Ipoh Ride:
Please be at uptown by 7am this Friday to load up the bags and photo session.
Fri: Uptown - Gap - Bentong - Raub Hotel K Design ( 3°47'54.28"N, 101°51'50.27"E)
Sat: Raub - Gua Musang Fully Inn Hotel (4°53'1.12"N, 101°58'1.11"E)
Sun: Gua Musang - Cameron - Simpang Pulai - Ipoh

3 days, around 466km

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