Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Euro Deli Burger Eating Contest

Euro Deli is promoting its new burger, The Matterhorn, a ginormous 9"X6" burger guaranteed to satisfy even the most die-hard meat lover. It's by far the biggest burger in Malaysia.
They're organising The Matterhorn Challenge, i.e a burger eating contest. This means you can eat the burger free.

The mechanics of The Matterhorn Challenge are pretty straightforward. They are:

• Participants must agree and sign a liability waiver form before entering contest.

• To win, The Matterhorn (burger) must be completely eaten within 45 minutes.  No leftover of vegetables, cheese, meat nor bread should remain on the plate.

• The Management reserves the right to disqualify any participant it deems to have not complied with the terms and conditions without giving any reason.  The Management’s decision is final.

• If a participant fails to finish within the contest time, the cost of the burger at RM88++ would be charged.  Leftover of burger cannot be shared with other diners but may be packed for takeaway in a box.

• For the winner, a mystery gift will be presented and the burger will be free of charge.  A complimentary Polaroid photo will also be given to commemorate the occasion and another will be displayed on the “Wall of Fame”.  Any additional photos may be ordered at RM5 each.

For further details, visit


Im going for it! Im clicked "Yes" on the Tweetup challenge 25 September 2010! Finish it or i pay RM88++ for it! 

Details of Tweetup challenge

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