Monday, April 21, 2008

21 April 2008

today, while im been fallings down to deep valley, darkness is all around me.

then suddenly accepted a call from friend. she asking me whether still looking for job.
answer is definately Yes.
Yes, im.
Yes, im.

i want out of the current situation.

just now, suddenly im become talkative. i called people who come accross my mind and seek their opinion. they are experienced. so it's best to ask them.

after that, i found out that, im either :

sick of the currently situation where all my best colleagues left, leaving only few of us. this make me feel de-motivated, and be slack. how i wish i can be so energitic like last time. but im just can not.

sick of the job.

around 4.00pm i got call from an investment bank for interview. OMG... im almost forget what position im applied to.

anyways, will be just busy attending interview. it's a process of learning. no harm trying.

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