Saturday, August 13, 2011

Royal Selangor on 31 July 2011

Having breakfast at Royal Selangor with friend after my running powered by Chia Seed.

Initially we were waiting for another 2 friends to come over to join us for breakfast. So how, so where, they got lost on the way and not able to join us for breakfast.

As for me, 1st thing in mind was to fill up my stomach since I ran 21KM and still have not eaten anything yet. I need food for recovery.

This is the coffee pot. It's different from the tea pot. hehe....
Love to cam-whore with the pot !

My breakfast ! Although it's might looks normal, but the environment, breakfast with friend, its does makes a big different. Anyway, I'm hungry! :)

The tea pot........ 

Somehow, I'm so hungry that I were ordered Breakfast & lunch together. While lunch was only serve at 11.30am onward. But since I'm "regular" the staff managed to give me "Roasted Chicken & Chips" at 11.00am! :) 

My hungry-ness, my appetite were so big on that day, I suspect was Chia Seed. Since I'm not having any energy gel but only chia seed at 10th KM point, all the energy provided by Chia Seed. When my body is relax and rest, that's where the empty-ness need to re-filled. 

As usual, each visits to Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre, a pack of postcards for my Postcrossing.

The Twins at Royal Selangor Pewter.

Love it.

Wondering. Need some of your feedback.
Before feedback read this:
Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

At least it's gives you what's inside the Royal Selangor Factory.

Royal Selangor Pewter is one of successful home grown brand with their hard work and there's everyday thousand of tourists visiting the Visitor Centre  at Setapak. But why we as local Malaysia never visits RS ? 
Have you ever visited Royal Selangor Pewter Factory at Setapak? 

Share your experience.

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