Sunday, October 17, 2010

Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

Recently im always been to Royal Selangor Pewter visitor centre just to buy postcards for my postcrossing.
I wanted to visit the making of pewter process and finally i found my day to visit it on 25 September 2010.

To be frank, im been staying at Setapak for the past 5 years since my day in college, and im only visited once to Royal Selangor Pewter and yet Royal Selangor receiving thousand of visitors everyday!

Let's the tour begin!

The founder of Royal Selangor.. were introduced the history of Royal Selangor Pewter. 

Croc pewter. 

The model of floating ship to mining.

Flip back to your history book, this kind of floating ship were seem a lots in Perak! 

The Tea Pot

 Whose hand are these? These were the loyal employee who serve Royal Selangor ! 

 You mind not know What is Pewter. 

At one of the showcase counter... knocking! Its really test your precision and force to knock on the cup. 

 Everyone was given chance to try the knocking to see whether you have potential be the Royal Selangor staff. haha... 


"You're fired! Go back home and practice 1 more year and come back try again! " Im failed miserable! 
Perhaps you might want to try it! 

The guide patiently explain to us... 

The world largest pewter factory and the only one.  

Every staffs was identify for their custom made gift.  

One of the custom made gift. There's no another same identical golden horse! 

The statue of Royal Selangor founder signifies safe guard, protect and oversee the workers in the factory. 

The photos im posted today just only some portion of the visits. Next time, i will post more or visit another time to Royal Selangor and discover the new thing. 

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