Monday, October 18, 2010

Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand

About 2 weeks ago, im came across on this Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand. After browse through it, im immediately pledge USD20.00 to support the kickstarter project by two individual even not knowing whether i will eventually get the stand or not. 

Here come photos on the tripod mount and stand: 

Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop your phone up at an angle. Right now, we are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to make the Glif a reality; to pre-order one click here, or find out more below.

Here the video:

Glif Montage from Glif on Vimeo.

If you're interested to get the Glif, do it here quickly before Nov 2, 2010!

As at now 21:44 Malaysian time, already have 4,204 backers ( which im one of them), with total $107,515 pledged (which successful exceeded the targeted $10,000 Goal) meaning the production is ON.

Im going to get my Glif which the production going to be funded in 15 days and my credit card will be charged USD20.00.

What are you waiting for! Act now!

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ccarey76 said...

While I applaud their effort, this product already exists. We sell it at and ours even works with any phone including the iPhone 4 in or out of a case. Its called the Grippit! and can be purchased with our tree frog tripod that clings to anything. Even better you can order ours now.

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