Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ultra Marathon Malaysia

Planning to run a ultra marathon? Welcome to join us for training. or join the facebook group " Ultra Marathon Malaysia

For non-runner, ultra marathon is running 84km or running 2 marathon at once goal. 

The famous ultra marathon is Sundown Marathon in Singapore. Sundown marathon, if im not wrong, which im heard from my sifu, its just started not long ago...which back to 2008. My sifu gang 1st time running the 83km ultra was back to 2009 and they making a come back this year 2010 another 84km. 

So coming 2011, im guess im in as im posted on Ultra-marathon post recently.  Following my sifu gang to train ultra together... 

One of our hardcore runner Jeff just come out the Ultra training program! Salute! 

Credit to Jeff who posted in FB. 

Good work Jeff... hopefully im able to follow this running program...

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