Friday, October 29, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 (PBIM) Pacers aka Cari Runners

Horey, Penang Bridge International marathon for the first time, they are introducing pacers for marathon!
There are 3.5 hours pacers, 4.0 hours pacers, 4.5 hours pacers, 5 hours pacers and lastly 5.5 hours pacers.

While in this entry, im feel glad to announce that most of the pacers are Cari Runners.

Follow Michael if you can catch up. Pacer for 3.5 hrs!

Im barely known Michael for 1 year. He joined us Cari Runners when he move from Ipoh to KL for works purposes. Did i mention he from Ipoh... Ipoh guy very handsome right! hehe... Now due to work requirement, he have moved to Kuantan and he still joining most of the major races in Klang Valley and also some other reasons too which not convenience to disclose. hehe... 

Follow Fabio if you want to complete your Full Marathon in 4.0hrs.

Fabio is a very quite person and he run very fast! When i talk to him, i can feel his coolness. its his personality. Now he is a moderator in training for the Cari Runners forum section. 

Let's meet pacer Zi Shen. Follow him to finish your race at 4hrs.

Another fast guy. He is very good at the calculation of speed and training method. He just got married this year... 

This is Annie. Pacer for sub4.5 hrs

ish.. the Facebook of Penang marathon give too little info on this pretty girl who can run 4.50 hours for 42km marathon. 

She is pretty, right and she is young too. oh, this making me sound so old... in fact she currently is a student in local University. Wonder how many girls like she able to run 4.50 hours marathon, not even me!  

Let's follow pacer Gaby Chau to complete your Full Marathon at 4.5 hours.

Gaby is our Cari Runners Captain for KL area. Say "hi" to our Cari Runner Captain when you meet him in Penang... hehe 

Pls say "Hi" to Aron who will guide you thru your 5hrs race.

Just now at Lake Garden im just said "hi" to Aron.. hehe.. He been training hard at Lake Garden evening. 

Follow Chan Yen Nee to complete your race in 5 hours.

Guess what Yen Nee works as? A school teacher! If im not wrong.  Not many school teachers are marathon runners right! She's rock... 

Follow Goh Shu Wei to complete your Full Marathon in 5 hours.

Or known as Humor the moderator of Cari Runners forum section. Humor is a very helpful person. If any races running bib not able to collect, most of us asking favour from him to collect on behalf... hehe.. He is a very nice guy... and definitely as moderator of running section, he run very fast too!  

Let's run side by side with Goh Shu Wei & Chan Yen Nee to complete the race in 5 hours.

The Cari Runners model couple! Let me tell on some stories. 
When Cari Runners first started, not many members were joining. After gaining some members, Humor organised a meet up session to run together. 
During the meet up for the first time, Humor met Yenny. That's how their 1st meet up and the rest were history...   

Follow Chin Ann to complete your Full Marathon in 6 hours. 

Eh, i don't remember i saw this guy appear in the Penang Bridge International Marathon's facebook pacers album... where the heck he coming from!

 Let me intro you about him. 
Chin Ann is just an ordinary guy who enjoy running 42km marathon with slow and steady speed. He's going to run PBIM on 21st Nov and Dec 5, 2010 Standard Chartered marathon Singapore two week later after Penang marathon together with other Cari Runners too. 
He going to undertake the Ultra-marathon challenge next year together with sifu Terrence's gang. 

That's all for the Cari Runners' official PBIM pacers introduction except the last one, the unknown pacers but he is a legal paid runner. haha... 

Its my pleasure that im get to know Cari Runners gang. We are a gang of people who loves running and we loves to cam-whoring too. 

This was recent SCKLM in June 2010. We came early for photo session. hehe... 

Cari Runners in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010. 

Cari Runners, we encourage to each other before the race start! 

We shout: 加油! 加油! 加油! Ush..! 

We shout: "Jia You! Jia You ! Jia You! Ush..! 

We definitely going to do this in coming PBIM just before we head for the race nearby the starting line!! Do join us Cari Runners shout together and give encourage to all runners! 

This photo was last year PBIM! Cari Runners KL section meet up together with Cari Runners Penang section... We all one big family... 

Cari Runners, this year PBIM in front of FOREVER 21 would be our meeting point. 
Do look for the banner! 

Cari Runners Rock! 

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