Monday, March 15, 2010

Royal Selangor

Last weekend, Saturday, evening, im on postcard hunting. Few places being targeted and im on my way to Alpha Angle Jasco Wangsa Maju and there is not postcard selling in the building. disappointed.

Before this, when im passby the Royal Selangor traffic light, i was thinking, will there selling postcard? Should have i thinks, but im on short pant, slipper and T-shirts... Will them ignore me if im visit them?

Soon after i failed to find any postcard in Alpha Angle.. i brave myself to steps into Royal Selangor, Setapak factory also showroom, aka headquaters.

Empty, waiting tourists to come in batch by batch 

Somehow i feel Royal Selangor are not being appreciated by local. Ask yourself, how many times you have visited Royal Selangor. For me, last weekend was my second time since im in KL for almost 5 years... 

Walked toward the receptions, and ask whether got sells any postcard or not. Woot... yes, they selling postcards...

Since 1885 

Just a postcard, i got this pretty nice bag! 

Twin Tower 

Five Element 

Somehow im just loves Royal Selangor

The Legendary Tea Pot 

Found it on The Edge March 8. 
Im just love the story of melon pot... 

Lastly im back home with Royal Selangor Bag... 

Back home, i quickly write on postcard and heading to post office to send out. 

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Jessie 陳薈婷 said...

bangsar telawi there got 1 bookshop got sell many types of cards..u can go there take a look.
the shop name is JI LI, is opposite the hong leong bank.

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