Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shape it Up Sunday

Energizer Night Race 2010 Malaysia (ENR) - Shape it Up Sunday with Mr Energizer

Date: 21 Feb 2010
Venue: Celebrity Fitness, Midvalley.

Since the registration for Energizer Night Race opened, the ENR is on the facebook too... hmmm... quite good... they are on the social media trend! its good! Perhaps a marathon must have on facebook and twitter too! This will be perfect!

So on this day, 45 facebook fan were invited to join Shape it Up Sunday with Energizer at Celebrity Fitness (CF), Midvalley.

!st time visiting, its really give me different kind of feel compared with others, which the only 1 i can compare with is Clark Hatch. Perhaps, its located in shopping mall, more people, more happening!

In the contest, we were required to perform 8 tasks below:

1.1km cycling 
2.10 bench press reps
3.10 squats
4.10 sit ups
5.1km on treadmill
6.5 chin ups
7.10 reps on row machine 
8.10 reps bench dips

Say "Hi" to Energizer-man 
Lets' the games begin: 

1st task, i head for treadmill for 1km run. 

Keep adjusting the speed... up..Up...UP... was excited about the games, where whoever 1st complete all 8 tasks will be the winner. 


Sit ups

Other tasks, i did not have any pictures, all the pictures above thank to TEY 

CariRunners... weee... 

Group Photo 

Group photo from another angle. 

Group photo after the test 

Also not forgetting, everyone went home with a bag of goodies bag! hehe 

Inside the goodies, i have 3 weeks of memberships and 1 session of personal training with trainer. But until now im still not yet utilise it.  

Before start speech by the organiser.

1km on treadmill.. .

Im in the action! Frankly speaking, i never done my sprint on treadmill... initially i put  10mins/km and subsequently i adjusted to 15mins/km... and that was last 2km... im just sprint!

After the exercise! Group photo.

Countdown to Energizer Night Race - 12 days....

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