Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick 2 Go by Touch 'n Go II


For previous entry on Quick 2 Go entry about all my frus, complains and whatever shits and its end just now!

Just now evening, around 6.00pm, Touch n Go Careline customer service called me, too bad im in meeting with my other dept finance manager to clear some figures.. i asked him to call back me in 20 minutes.

Lucky, my clearing session end around 6.20pm and im expecting any call from TnGo CS anytime soon. at 6.30pm, he called back again.

So, he revert back to me from technical team... by saying all i need to do now is just perform another reload again. That's all...  but im not so convenience about his answer... perform another reload again? what if im being charged again!

So i got no questions to ask, i asked him about why would the transaction failed on Saturday. He answer: its might be your connection failure during performing reload process ( wtf, Touch N Go takes advantage of Poor streamyx, this time, i shd BLAME TM NUT for poor streamyx connection! haha... ).

hmmm... im speechless... im just end the conversation with some doubt in mind.

Just now, connect my device to PC and im in Touch N Go Quick2 go website, checking on my card status... and i click reload via credit card...

its detected me i have 1 outstanding transaction, and its lead me to Reload Recovery. Hmmm.. how come on Saturday i never try to click the Reload Recovery link....

Ok, so i click the Reload Recovery and just click, submit and submit... and its DONE.

Now my COMBI card have RM100.00 value in card! Wee.... 

Im going to try it on Wednesday when going to Sidpubs in TTDI for St Patrick Days... Weee.... 


1. Try to avoid to activate your Quick 2 Go device and card during weekend! its lack of supports from Touch N Go. 

2. Be prepared on your internet connection. Specially if you are on mobile broadband, if can try to avoid, else you will get the lame excuses, which is helpless... 

3. Must save 03-7628 5115 Touch N Go Careline number. You definitely need to call them.  

4. Pray hard when you doing ur reload.. May the god on your side. All the best! Good luck! haha...  

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