Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 2010

For the third month of the year - March 2010

There were quite a lots of happening things around during month of March.

Its 1st started on 1st weekend of March 2010.

Its was like a dream. A dream of sitting inside BMW 7 series which i never expect in life.

Although its feel like a dream, i got mission to achieve. My mission was went to KLIA receive delegates. Im just feel lucky i got the chance to cruise in BMW 7 Series.

Driver and me were flying on highway and im realised how easily the car can perform which im always watch from other side of road.

Feeling lucky, but suddenly when i reach at KLIA, something strike me. Its been since last 4 months i last visit KLIA... re-visit here, give me some weird and sorrow feel.

Lucky, waiting at KLIA was not long as delegate's flight landed earlier than scheduled. Greeted them and sending them back to hotel. Mission accomplished.

BMW 7-Series ride was enjoyable and memorable. Chatting with driver giving me another sight on bosses driver experience.

On the next day, Kan Cheong movement is coming...

Early in the morning, i got the chance to drive a Land Rover for about 50 meters. Ha Ha... Being 1st time sitting in the Land Rover, i do not know how to start the car... omg... WTF... push the START button no responds. Argh... have to call boss for help. Oh... like that only ar... FML... im just need to press the stop pedal and push START button, that all... and the car is alive!

im just drove the car out of car park and hand it to my boss...

The rest are history...

We were visiting Carey Island and its really eye-opening for me! I never get to know palm tree in great deep details! Wow... im so excited to find out the details on palm tree, palm fruits and etc etc...

Lots of info that im receiving from the demo but im lack of time absorbing. Sigh.  I shall attempt to gather more info and digest it proper...

Im really enjoyed but im on mission thus can not really go explore all the processes.

The Kan Cheong ended with lunch.

The Kan Cheong day ended with diner. Thank god, all went smooth.

Gambateh next year again!


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