Monday, March 01, 2010

DiGi & iPhone

1st March 2010

When i was 1st open my twitter, i saw:

@DiGi_Telco: w00ts. you asked for it & we listened. DiGi & iPhone = *sweet*. FMI @ 

Woot... Finally DiGi is bringing iPhone in beside Maxis! When im 1st visited the home page, i have gave my email!!! hehe... 

Since then, the rest of the morning, all tweets about DiGi's iPhone...  

Below are FAQ posted in the DiGi website: 

1.When will the iPhone be available?
The iPhone from DiGi will be launched within the first half of 2010.

2.What are the packages offered?
These will be revealed after the launch date has been announced.

3.Where will the launch date be announced?
It will be announced in selected major newspapers and broadcast media.

4.Who's eligible to get the iPhone from DiGi?
Full details, including the packages and offers will be announced after
 the launch.

5.I am an existing DiGi customer, can I purchase an iPhone with 
my current rate plan?
We'll let you know after the launch.

6.Will there be any special packages for corporate customers 
(DiGi Business)?
DiGi will provide attractive offers for all qualifying corporate customers 
after the official launch date is announced.

7.I already have an iPhone, when can I switch to DiGi?
If you already have an iPhone, you can switch to any of DiGi's existing
 Postpaid / Prepaid
 rate plans. More details here.

8.I have purchased my iPhone from another operator, can I obtain 
support for warranty /servicing/replacements, if I switch to DiGi?
Your iPhone warranty is tied to the operator that you purchased the device from. 
DiGi will not provide support for warranty / servicing / replacements for devices
 purchased from other operators/countries.

9.Can I pre-order the iPhone today?
Pre-orders / advanced booking will be announced soon. Please check for the latest announcements.

Conclusion: Waiting games. 

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