Tuesday, March 02, 2010

2XU Elite Compression Pant

2XU Elite Compression pant

i decided to get it:
after much consideration,
after much talking to runners who wear it,
after much surveying in the internet...

All feedback are good... so i really considered for a long long time and finally to get it 1 week before my Putrajaya Night Marathon on 6th Feb 2010.

Back view of the box

I have been running in 2XU pant for past 1 month on all my long runs. 

On 6th Feb i have wear it for Putrajaya Night Marathon... it turn out i have cramp at 26km plus... i was thinking omg.. why i Hit the wall.. even im on 2XU pant? im really cant understand that time, that movement! 

After finished, i found out, not only me Hit the Wall, others also... so i guess its the humid and night marathon that causing a lots runners hit the wall...  Its was on Saturday night, i slept at 3.30am and wake up at 9.00am. 

have some breakfast and continue rest. Evening i went to play badminton for 2 hours... i cant believed im still have energy to play the 2 hours badminton session! But i know tomorrow will be a bad day on my muscle! 

So at night, i wear my 2XU pant overnight for my recovery. The next morning, when im wake up, i can feel the recovery sign... my muscle is not that pain than im expected... Woots... im so excited... 

On the 2nd night, i wear 2XU pant overnight again! The same feel i have like previous morning! Woots... my pain is no more... i can start my running again! Yeah... 

Over 1 months, i noticed that my mileage have reduced significantly! WTF.. i did not run during weekdays and only runs on Saturday 10km and Sunday 20km... but i having muscle pain when 1st start running! But im wearing 2XU pant! for the past 2-3 weeks, the same things happened to me as i maintain the same. 

I thinks i have over reliable on 2XU pant. 
I expect its can helps me on running, 
I expect its can helps me improves on timing, 
I expect its can helps runs longer distance, 

Im mentally reliable on it 
Im physically reliable on it  Its shd not 

This have caused me become slack in running recently. 
Argh... Hope i still have time to get up and running back into previous condition before my Energizer Night Race on 27 March 2010. 

There is no short cut on running. 

I have learnt my lesson. 

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