Thursday, April 14, 2011

KL Eco City preview.

On last weekend, its was preview of the KL Eco City by S P Setia. We went to South Tower, the Garden to visit the sales galary. S P Setia was preview for the residential tower 1.

The entrance to the sale gallery where camera is not allowed inside. 

The Residential tower specification type and facilities available mentioned in the broacher. 
The price for the residential unit is averaging about RM1,100 psf. . 

The whole KL Eco City by S P City.
The sale gallery, when you stand beside the model, you can view the actual side from the window.
You can see the vacant land opposite you going to be build as what you seen here. 

Top show the Residential Tower 1, middle is boutique offices and bottom building is the Strata Offices suites. 

As you know, the Hukum Abdullah LRT station is just beside the KL Eco City. Its so convenience. 

This is the traffic control planned by S P Setia. How well the traffic planning and how well is the effective of the planning? If you would like to know in advance before completion, look at Setia Walk project at Puchong. 
There have equivalent of heavy traffic passby Setia Walk, and S P Setia also done a proper traffic planning flow for Setia Walk. So the same theory applied to KL Eco City. 

In future, there's will be a LRT-KTM-MRT hub build on the white area on the left side. 
This definitely going to add value to KL Eco City. 

KL Eco City project will be officially lunching soon. By then, more photos can be snap.  

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