Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trail Running @ Penang with NB MT110

Trail running @ Penang

29 Dec 2012.

Finally I got my New Balance MT110 trail shoe and so happens I got it on the day I go penang.

Never cross my mind that first thing to do when I reach Penang is to do a trail running starting from Youth Park !

Youth Park were my play ground during my college time in Penang. I trains for my Penang Bridge Half marathon, I alway hike up to Points 3 and Points 5 and whats most enjoyable was joining the public aerobic exercises at the field ! Its where i learn all the movements! The Aerobic exercise still available as I seen yesterday!

In my memory, in my last hike up to Points 3 & 5 memory, it's was really long long time ago! Yesterday I'm ran up to point 3 & 5, it's just took me some 25 mins! The conditions of trail are improved, cleaner now. Basically walks in the park sort of feel.

It's good to be able revisit back after so long!

Penang is hidden's gem for trail running.

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