Sunday, July 19, 2009

Siemen 10km Run 2009

19-July 2009

Siemen Run 10km 2009

Before the race begin

yesterday night, i and my friend went to watch Harry Porter @ Pavilion! what a disspointed ending!!! the show was 9.30pm and end at 12.00am...

reached home around 12.45pm and only went to sleep around 1.00am!

wake up at 5.45am after my radio alarm been "on Air" since 5.00am! lucky im not late, still can make it.

Park my car at the Bukit Aman Car park, then job slowly to Dataran Merdeka.
this run, the whole journey i just run with my own pace, a slow 1... and targeting to complete within 1 hour, and i managed to complete it with 1hr 9 mins, my best personal record.


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