Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in 1 piece

26 Julai 2009

Early in morning 3.30am wake up, prepare to meet up with CariRunners for Broga Hill hiking, whose know the plan was cancelled due to heavy raining when we reached at Broga. Back home sleep.

This morning 10.30am i followed my aunty car to Penang visit my grandpa in hospital.
We reached penang around 1pm and had a nice char kuay teow and coconut water at Jelutong Pasar.

4.10pm we were leaving and my aunty dropped me at Penang Jetty.
4.30pm i broad the ferry to Butterwoth.
4.50pm i managed to get a bus ticket from Butterworth to KL (so call NOW.)

im too tired and just sleep in the bus. im sitting on the 1st row behind the driver.
i was awake by the 2 sounds of break, and normally the bus should be slow down, but yet the bus is not slowing down, i looks around and i found my bus is going down hill of Ipoh side. After the 2 break sound, i saw the traffic in front is slow moving and jamm, yet my bus was in inside lane and it start to crash the car in front! it's happened around 7.30pm.

Bump! Crash! Bump! Crash! my bus is crashing from inside lane until outside lane, causing 2 vehicle were falls into the drains. We were shouting to driver STOP! BREAK!

my mind was blank! im holding my hand phone and i wanted to record it down yet im blank!
my bus was stopped with the help of Van which crash T-bone!

we quickly get down from bus, and i saw the Van driver is trapped. He is fine, just that he is stuck with safety belt, i asked every1 whether have knife, then suddenly one people is taking out his parang, cut the safety belt, and the driver managed to escaped.

The police and ambulance were taking some time to arrive, and yet the truck people is reaching even faster!

soon after that, got 1 Konsortium bas stopped in front of us, and telling us, they can tumpang take in 1 passenger to KL. since then i wave my hand to every buses hoping they will stop and tumpang us to KL...

im waking around the scenic, i asked the policeman:

What's the procedure for bus passenger?
Ans: No procedure, you can go off.
Are we going to be taking care of?
Ans: No, you have to get the bus company to take care of you!
Do we need to follow police to police station?
Ans: Only the bus driver.
Can police fetch us to Ipoh town for us to continue our journey to KL?
Ans: No, the police car is can not simple fetch ordinary people.

Since after that, i called the bus company "HAIDER TRADING SDN BHD" which shown in my bus ticket. The person incharge is saying they arranging bus from Butterworth come and fetch us to KL... and promise will call me back! At least i feel relief, but as minutes and minutes pass, no call from bus company! i called again and demand to know where the bus location, yet they reply the same thing: will call me back! Worse, the bus company saying that they are not aware of the accident! WTF... They only know when im calling them!

I feel so helpless, no 1 is offering any helps to us... So i continue my effort to wave hand! Finally around 9.30pm, one bus is stopped and they willing to take 11 all of us. i was thinking, wow so good, when reach KL, must thank the bus driver! Whose know when we stopped at Slim River for break, the bus driver's second man, is asking RM5 from us! Without second thought, we are agreed! as i know, there is not free lunch in the world!

i reached at Puduraya around 1.00am and i managed to get a taxi! Since midnight i dun mind the surcharge! The taxi gives me 2 rate either double of taxi meter or a fixed rate of RM15. i agreed to a fixed rate of RM15 and when im reach i did not have any change, i give RM20 to the driver and the taxi driver said no charge! then he said surcharge, midnight, bla bla bla... finally i give RM20 to the driver!

im back in 1 piece.

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