Thursday, October 25, 2012

LYN is DOWN on 25 Oct 2012

Low Yat dot net is DOWN at the movement as at 9.15pm. 
Heavy rain since 4pm around Klang Valley. A heavy rain causing so many problems to Klang Valley. 
As im leaving my office at Ara Damansara to The Curve, traffic lights at Tropicano tunnel were not functioning. Problem 1. 
Then come the tunnel is flooded ! Problem 2. 
Along the way, fallen trees. 
Then came to One Utama junction traffic lights were functioning. Problem 3. 
Just now around 6pm, traffic along LDP were standstill. Problem 4. 
Heavy rain really can serve as reminder to we as human on how greedy we are into development. 

Print screen of LYN web. 

I believe, thunder strike are the reason power supply unit failure. 
Mother nature is urging /k/ to sleep early tonight. 
Unable to access to LYN, which mean loss of huge opportunity in advertising. 

Okay. Enjoy playing with  rain outside! 

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