Monday, July 28, 2008

Genting @ 26 July 2008

it was our countless Low Yat Forum Late Night Thread outing gathering to Genting One Day Trip. The organiser do not know why decided to take off at 5.00am.

on 26 July 2008, i wake up at 3.45am and 4.00am come out to another friend house meeting point.

after all the people arrived, eights of us, two cars, tooks off heading to Genting at 5.35am. im feel awake on the ways up. enjoying the corners.

when we were at the top, it's was 6.30am. OMG... so early. our planning is to have Breakfast buffet. but appearing that the buffet is not nice as im expected. Perhaps it's Genting, everything is expensive compared with the ground. Anyways, im enjoy have the breakfast with other members.

after had our breakfast, OMG, i cant stand anymore. im feel so sleepy.

1 whole day we spend in the Genting. we come down about 4.00pm.

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