Sunday, February 03, 2008

Niu Zhe Xui

the much talking about Niu Zhe Xui at the Ara Damansara is nothing more than just a another shopping area for cunsumer.

so curious until i go to forum and ask where the location and what is happening there and i managed to find the place.

it's located at Ara Damansara, just nearby the Putra LRT Deport.

the route to the location is bad. so bad until it's just a 2 way small road and there is the only way to enter and exit, if im not wrong.

Went today at noon.
no traffic jam and also din expect got any traffic jam as well.
i thinks the peak time will be at night.

basically all the shop lots is not yet opened. only the main street booth of Niu Zhe Xui which is covered is opened.

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