Monday, February 04, 2008

Maybank Petronas Credit Card

Maybank Petronas Credit card just launched with the CIMB Petronas card.

Maybank Petronas is Visa
CIMB Petronas is Master

Maybank got Visa wave,
CIMB do not have Master Paypass.

at first i was wanted to apply this Maybank card, but then keep thinking and considering and comparing with my UOB One Card, i found im still like my UOB One Card.

UOB One card give me cash rebate when im pump BHP petrol and also i can earning E-points for the BHP loyalty card. i gain both side.

while Maybank Petronas card only give points on credit card side, and not Mesra point.


Anonymous said...

the maybankard petronas gives 5X points. quite a good deal dude. nowadays all credit cards do not give points when pumping petrol.

Unknown said...

Then which should i choose? pls comment.

Anonymous said...

ur answer is here.

Anonymous said...

Its a DAMN good deal, and it’s selling like hot cakes…everyone is grabbing for one, with the current pump price. I have two; each one because both carry different value proposition.

Plus, there’s no hidden agenda like some petrol guys out there. The message is very clear, straight forward and it’s a LIFESTYLE card. Its not just a petrol card.

I shall say, it’s a smart move of PETRONAS to venture into this. Whatever they do, it’s for the benefit of the rakyat.

Have one to experience the “Lifestyle” for the new generation

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help in this question. All ingenious is simple.

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