Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 - #24

24th January 2010 - Sunday

Today, im heading back to KL. But before that, i went to Butterworth jetty to pick up my senior and my friend. We were suppose to meet up at 11.00am, but my senior have something to do and being delayed to 11.30am.

i got his sms around 9.52am, 5 minutes after i started my journey to Butterworth. Gosh, i have extra time of 30 minutes, i suddenly feel so free and dont know how to spend it. Beside drive slowly, im really cant thinks of what to do while waiting.

Suddenly, Auto City Starbucks pop-into my mind. Without second thought, i speed-up and drive there for coffee as my breakfast im not have any coffee for the day! Yeah...

Its was 10.45am, the Auto City was so empty and Starbucks have 3-4 people. i was sitting facing outside, waiting time to pass... i enjoyed my Mocha!

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