Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 - #22

22nd January 2010 - Friday

After works, head back to home bath, get change and come out! Pumped my tire at Petronas station and i thought of pump Shell at the Jln Duta after toll... 

When im reached at Duta Toll around 7.30pm, WTF...WTF... its traffic jammmm! Smart Tag  Q were so long, and the cash lane as well... lucky my touch n go lane were okok, not so jam! After the toll, traffic were jam and bad! i wanted to pump V-power for my vivi... as one off fuel to clean my fuel injection... but too bad its long Q.

The traffic were bad and its raining! making the situation become worse! Drive slowly, driving alone during the night at highway can feel scary specially when the traffic is clear and you are the one car on the highway!

After 1 hour of driving, i saw Shell! Weee... without hesitate i drove into the station and have my vivi pumped V-Power!  Yeah...

My Vivi is having V-Power refilled...
I reached my hometown Serdang Kedah safety in record time, 3 hrs 15mins.

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