Sunday, January 17, 2010

NB Pacesetter 30km @ 17 Jan 2010

Event:  New Balance Pacesetter 30km
Venue: Padang Merbok, KL
Date: 17 January 2010, Sunday
Time: 5.30am
Distance: 30km
Timing: 3hrs 28 minutes
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6

This event, i will never forget about it. I learnt something important and courage!

Wake up around 3.30am, and have my breakfast as usual and also doing my business to clear all the shit from my body!

i reached Bukit Aman car park around 4.15am and Terrence group already there. We were planning to do 6km warming up by running in Lake Garden and dear park and come back to car park before heading to Padang Merbok for NB Pacesetter 30km!

We were running slowly and went into Lake Garden. OMG... i feel something wrong inside me! I want to SHIT! i asked Terrence where got the nearest toilet! he said no, all closed! then he handled me 1 pack of toilet paper for me and ask me just go to the tree nearby and do your business there! i was like" omg, im going to shit in Lake Garden beside the tree at this hours 4.30am!" i have no choice, but just do it! Its really feel good when im able to finish my business beside the tree. i feel relief!

This incident thought me, i need to get ready 1 extra thing to bring along with me for early run! Toilet papers!!! 

Business done, feel better, system is ok. Muscle show no painful sign. im head for Padang Merbok for 30km starting point which start 5.30am! As usual, we CariRunners camwhore together before the race start!

We never fail to take group photo on every races! and our members are growing! We just love takes photo beside running! haha...

The race started at 5.30am! The route double hill and Hartamas route were quite hilly, but for few of us who always training at double hill and hartamas route, its appear to be easy task, we know where to push and when to preserve our energy!

Im starting with slow run. I wanted to warming up my muscle and waits for 20 minutes before im pushing for faster speed. Surprisingly, i can run non-stop for 25km except at water station. Whereas my last 2 weekend LSD training, i cant even run non-stop for 10km! its amazing! Dont know where the form / motivation coming from since i thought im now are on my own unless the motivation from the letter sent yesterday???

After 20-30 minutes, my speed was constant and steady. i wish to push for faster, but i just dun have the ommph to push, as i know my journey still far and long! On the Hartamas loop, my form came and i run abit faster! after 20km, which after the IRB, the hilly part come in! The double hill, i thought im going to walk up but instead i managed to run up and the next hill as well.

All the hills i managed to run up! but too bad, my right lower chest suddenly pain when im reached at highway. i wanted to run faster, but the pain strike! i have to slowed down and even walk to control my breath, the harder i breath, the more pain i suffer on my right lower chest! i walk run walk run for about 1km and slowly my chest pain is gone, and im able to run back again with my speed. But another problems come, my muscle is giving tiring signal and i can start to feel the tightness of my muscle and its start to pain. Again, i walk run again! Problems come and gone and another problems come!

Lucky, for the last 2km, i have courage from CariRunners 豪少 and finally im able to continue to run, and for the last 1km up hill, Mabel (Terrence's wife ) was coming fast from back! She also gave me some courage and she continue her last 500m downhill turbo run, im was left behind and trying to kick start my turbo as well... 

Finally last 400m downhill, i kicked start my turbo and run downhill! Tey photographer was at the end of downhill snapping pictures and without fail i posed my pose for him to take my pictures and i run even faster to show my "pia" running! hehe...

I crossed the finishing line at 3hrs 28mins. 2 minutes faster than my targeted timing! hmmm... i feel satisfy with my timing! my Sub-5 marathon is still achievable! Going to test it out on the coming 6 Feb 2010 Putrajaya Night marathon.

After run, again we cam-whore again! hehe..

 The White vest in between with Twin is Pro, we call him Couch. he ran his 30km in 2hrs 20mins if im not wrong.
 Group photo under CariRunners banner

omg, we were so happy to take photo with another CariRunners who having cramp! 

Finishing Medal

Finisher T-shirt!

Wee, my 1st finisher T in 2010!

Overall i have a nice run. just feel there is something lack of. Something is lacking for this run. Something is lacking for this run. I thinks i know what's lacking for this run! End.

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