Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Project 365 - #6

6th January 2010

Argh... today is the deadline given by my holding to key in all my numbers into system!
yesterday rushed until 8.00pm to finish all the numbers and today keying in!

Busy... until did not realised its 12.30pm ! Yesterday i was complaining about having economic rice for the past 3 weeks and today suddenly my colleague shouted and ask whether want go for Capati or not! Im so happy! Just lock my PC and go for it!

The journey to the capati place is about away / far or about 10-15 minutes of walking. We got passby Sogo...

Sogo is a shopping heaven for office workers nearby! given any days during sales in the weekday, it's pack of people!
After Sogo, then come to this building!

A very beautiful building, hosted CIMB HQ, i guess, im not sure, just guessing...

Passingby CIMB building, then only come to my capati shop!

Woot, capati in the making!

i ordered 2 slide of capati, chicken curry and "makalela" while the mutton was my colleague. Curry chicken was so nice!

After having a full lunch, its a long walk back to office... and resume my busy work schedule!

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