Friday, January 15, 2010

Project 365 - #14

14th January 2010 - Thursday

Recent weekdays, some how im being slack of running. my weekday running in the early morning 5.30am is totally off for me.

From Monday until Thurdays, im only wake up around 7.45am. Bath, change and have light breakfast, by the time i come out from my house is already 8.20am. The traffic in front of my condo, Jln Genting Kelang are famous with traffic jammm! Normal double lane road become four lane! Keng le...

The picture is showing the traffic is being built up! its just show 2 lane, with 3rd lane in front built up! im always drive on the 3rd lane! wahaha... its all about timing... some time, timing not right, i have to just stop and waits for the right timing to come! Very seldom i will drive on the 4th lane..which is totally block the opposite direction vehicle, its all about timing! Although seldom, hope i wont need to drive on the 4th lane!

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