Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Project 365 - #2

2 January 2010

Its Saturday.
Normally Saturday without fail is my running day! Its just matter of how many KM i wanted to run.
Either 10km double hill route or joining with Runners Malaysia beginner running program for a easy run.

But on 2 January 2010, i wanted to do something different from my normal running! i know 1 or 2 of my running gang were doing trails running. So without fail, i joined them!

i meet up with them at TTDI Bukit Kiara in front of public toilet. We started our trails running around 7.30am. The trail that we running were mountain bike trails! Woots, im just like trails running! its basically running instead of walking (or i can called it hiking).

its took us about 40 minutes plus (if im remember correctly) to reach the location below! My friend called this place as "property shopping" by rich man. As you can see, it can oversee the whole Hartamas and Mont Kiara! Which one you like, just pin point 1... haha

Im just love trails running, but its also almost cost my legs twisted due to uneven surface while running! More focus needed when doing trails running. Anyways, we almost get lost when returning! Lucky, we just have the stamina keep running and find the right pave back! it stop us!

Im definitely will come back again!

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