Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday on 4th Jan 2010

Happy Birthday! Happy 27th Birthday.
Getting older by 1 year...

This year, just like any other previous year, no celebration, but this year, year 2010, i got the most birthday wishes than ever!

Thanks to advancement of technology, facebook, forum, twitters and also SMSes.

i was so surprised just now when back at home checking email and there were 61 emails notifications from facebook on everyone who posted in my wall... Thank you everyone for wishes again!

Among the wishes, 1 wishes im liked it so much which is from Tey! He is a sport reporter from one of the local chinese newspapers. He never fails to show up during any running event for running and also for taking photos!

Happy birthday wishes on my Saucony Pacemaker Network Run 2010 "pia" running photo! Thank you Tey!

Since its Monday, and also like normal previous year, im rewarding myself a diner with a nice "Fried rice Kampung" with Ribena and orange. 

This year, 2010, im really have my "birthday" celebration, it just being delayed. hehe...

My birthday wishes list:
1. Running Full marathon 42.195km all year round!
2. Learn swimming
3. Cycling
4. Etc etc etc

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