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2009: Running

Year 2009 are the year my running life just the beginning for my rest of life.
Year 2009 are the year my running are part of my life.
Year 2009 are the year my running become serious.
Year 2009 are the year i know she, my running partner
Year 2009 are the year i achieved my first full marathon 42.195km with sub-5 timing.

My running begins with Year 2009.
Total of 10 medals i earned it through running! although there are few races that im not able to get the medal! sob sob...

Im just select a few medals which have big impact for me, which left me deep impact in my memory! Which im always mentioned to others...

1. Great Eastern Pacesetters 30km - in this case, im only took part 20km as im consider as newbie in running, thus im dare not take part in the 30km! the GE 20km took part in January 2009! my 1st race of the year, which i set my benchmark for rest of the year for my 20km!

i remembered that i completed the hilly 20km in 2hrs 30mins... i would consider a good timing for newbie which i started running in August 2008.

In this race, i know nobody, the only people i know are Mr Lai, Tony and others Runners Malaysia running gang! i remembered both of them as im completed behind them! hehe

Coming 2010, im joining GE, ops, no more GE but NB, New Balance Pacesetters 30km on 17 January 2010.

2. Der Wild Wild run by Pacemakers.
Woots, running in Zoo Negara! Who would thought of it... its a 10km run, 4 loops running around Zoo Negara! Im enjoyed running in Zoo Negara! Hope 2010, there will be another Wild Wild Run!!!

In this run, i got Weird Weird Denial. i thinks i managed to poison him to join! haha... Beside Denial, im also with Cari Runners which i know them in the Chinese Cari Forum! this is my first time running with them and we camwhoring around Zoo Negara after the run!

After this run, in March. I get to know her in the Runners Malaysia beginner running program which held every Saturday 7.30am starting point at Bukit Aman Car park nearby public toilet. Her consistent and persistent plus my full attendance to the running program every Saturday without fail get me know her well through running. March 2009 which un-consciously become one of the important month for me!

Everyone are welcome to join the beginner running. Mr Wan is a very helpful person! i learn a lot from him about running!

Somewhere in April or May, Nike launched their new shoe, and they have testing at Bukit Aman! im just test the new shoe and run for my 1st ever 10km, thank to Chin who running with me, pace with me, and encourage me for the 10km double hill! its really tough!

Since my 1st 10km double hill, i have the courage to run 10km double hill again. Beside my usual Saturday running, im also running on Sunday morning! im moving into another level...

3. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2009 (SCKLM)( June 2009) - In this race, i run 21km half marathon, while she only runs 10km.

In SCKLM, although im trying my best to run it, im only managed to complete in 2hrs 30mins.

Although in this race, im also have Cari Runners and we are getting more people for Camwhoring! im just loving it...

In July, the Standard Chartered Singapore is open for registration and i joined the FULL marathon! 42.195km with SGD 60! grrr... sakit hati, its translate RM130 plus plus!!!

Since then, im running 10km on Saturday and 20km on Sunday... im just addicted to running!

In August & September - There are a lots of race which held back to back in order to beat the Puasa date. Im enjoyed a lots running in all these runs with her and usual running training too.

4. Borneo Marathon - October 2009.
All the planning, discussion, and my running gang are Cari Runners. First, the running forum moderator is from Kota Kinabalu. He shares a lots of information with us in the forum. The main reasons for me to join this run is because i never visited KK and so does others! So we planning to tour KK 2 days before the marathon! im really enjoy visiting KK!

This is my 1st flight taking Air Asia! Woots... i cant believed it. AA been so actives for so many years, and 2009 are my 1st time taking AA, you must be kidding!!! Yes, im!

Beside Cari Runners, my gang, there are also a lots of familiar runners from KL joining this race too! Tey, my favourite race photographer, Terrence and his wife and his gang, my sifu who always shouted my name so LOUD!

5. Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009 (PBIM) - November
Im with Cari Runners travelled to Penang on friday night and we stay over night in Taiping (one of the CariRunners hometown). Lucky his house able to fit all of us 9 people! hehe...

In this run, im been trying hard to motivates myself with her departure in early of the month!
I managed to completed my 21 km half marathon in 2hr 18mins, my personal best in the race, although i managed to clock my personal best in training with 2hr 3mins with her.

My Cari Runners gang are growing! in this PBIM, we Cari Runners from KL meets with Penang Cari Runners! Meets a lots of members!

6. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) ( 6 December 2009)
Finally the day have arrived! My first ever virgin full marathon in Singapore. Its also my first oversea marathon! In this trip down under, i were with Runners Malaysia gang plus Cari Runners. This is my second time taking Air Asia flight... hehe

i enjoyed their companion yet im trying to keep myself motivated. An SMS received from her on the night before race have boasted my motivation.

i been preparing for my 1st full marathon and im target to complete it sub-5. With advice from Terrence Sifu, 1st 20km run slow but make sure complete it in 2hrs 30 mins, while the next 10km, 30 km mark, try to beat at 3 hrs 30mins and the remaining 12km i have 1hrs 30mins to complete it.

What? you may ask last 12km need 1hrs 30mins to complete it? Yes, it is and its not easy to complete it! After the 30km mark, all the painful symptom are coming out... i can see many people muscle cramp! While for me, my leg muscles are ok, no cramps... just my knee are start to pains! Pain in knee, mind was somewhere thinking of someone which 14 hours far far away!

Terrence was pace with her wife to beat the sub-5 target too, i been following him for but his wife hit the wall at the 35km mark and i have to run alone myself to catch up the time which i was 3 minutes behind sub-5.

With her in mind, with my physical target in-sight which is sub-5 pacer, i keep up my speed and i allocate 1km for 10 minutes for the last 5km... its tough! At 1 point, im almost failed by 1 scene which almost turn me off from running!

Sub-5 Pacers, now i see you, and 1 movement later i can not see you! The pacers are playing hike and seek with me! 1 movement are in my sight, 1 movement are gone! Emotions running high and low with the seek and hide games!

Her, its playing in mind whenever im blank. Her filled the gap when my emotion become low...

at the last 1 km, suddenly the sub-5 pacers slowed down and start to cheers people around them! i took my chance and overtake them and shout SUB-5 to them by showing support back to them! SUB-5! SuB-5!

my last 200m, im still able to turn on my turbo slow! i sprint for the last 100meters! Yeah, i completed my sub-5 target for my first full marathon with 4 hrs 57mins!

The word of 42.195km are so small!!!
7. Malakoff 12km 2009
2 weeks after SCSM, i have rest enough and this run also tested my motivation level. Im still struggle with it.
Lucky i received her SMS just before the run... im back to normal.
The route are so hilly! Lucky im used to run double hills, and its still taxing! im trying to kick start the long cold engin, with easy run...

Managed to completed in 1 hrs 14mins... which im quite behind my Cari Runners gang which most of them completed from 58mins to 1 hrs 10mins... i still long way to catch up with them!

This run also is the last run for year 2009...

In 2010, i going to run more full marathons but its going to be tougher as im running alone in mind...

Im will be waiting her to run with me.

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