Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singapore Toast Box

When im first come to know Toast Box was just recently.
My friend and i were having brunch at the Pavilion and she suggested Toast Box. im totally no idea what is Toast Box all about, perhaps just another Old Town Kopitiam?

That was 9.50am in the morning, and Toast Box is the only Long Q stall... Woots, this must be very good! so many people lining up so early! im really enjoy having brunch with her.

Come to 7th December, after SC Singapore marathon, when we were checked out, we come to this Toast Box at Bugis! Woots, i feel delight! i can have Toast Box in Singapore! now i know, Toast Box shd be Singapore franchise.

Woots... its Chinese Charactor! During my trips to Singapore, im enjoyed the signboard of SG. Its show chinese word!!!

Some contest is running on...

Also quite a lots of people lining up!!!
Hmmm... wondering why Msian franchise never done this...

Half Boil Egg!!! im just loving the Singapore Half Boiled Eggs! its totally looks different from the 1 in Malaysia!!!
Weird...weird.. Singapore only have thick soya souce! Not like in Msia have light soya souce which we called it " tou you"
Coffee, my rechargeable drinks!

Kaya bread!!
Peanut butter france toast!
hmmm...this Otak-otak quite ok!

Im just missing the Toast Box moment with friend although its just simple brunch...

Next May 2010, Singapore im coming again for Adidas Singapore Sundown Marathon!

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