Sunday, December 13, 2009

Running @ Serdang lake

i went back to Kedah on 12th December 2009 for my friend wedding diner.
Congras to my friend, TK and LW.

Reached at hometown Serdang Kedah around 2.00pm. it was a hot day! really hot day!
Around 5.00pm, i have some biskut and go took my roadbike which my mum sent for repair. i have a short cycle and after that back home and im start to running around Serdang lake.

Its was hot, really hot, 6.00pm sun, at least the sun hotness is reduced compared to 2.00pm hot sun.

All the pictures were taken by W610i my beloved orange hp...

my running was terrible! All the beginner symptom come out! Legs muscle pain, lower chest pain, breathing feel very hard... Argh....

Perhaps its the Hot day to blame! haha

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