Sunday, December 13, 2009

Runners Malaysia @ 12th December 2009

Im going back to hometown Serdang Kedah after my Runners Malaysia easy short run...

i was not running for 5 days, and i need something to re-start my running engine and Runners Malaysia program is the only thing that i can thinks of.

On that day, wake up around 6.30am. Have light breakfast and went out with all my bags.

Im surprised, me and Loke were greeted with "congratulation" on our 1st Sub-5 marathon.
Now i know why im here today for the easy run.
Sub-5, its going to be my permanent target! my performance benchmark! If im not able to achieve my sub-5 in marathon, must be something go wrong on me!!!

i found my motivator to start my engine! Yeah! Next i need another motivation for keeping my running engine in tip-top condition (still finding the motivator)

Anyways, even this was an easy short run, 4km, i feel my run was terrible. my legs muscle was pain for a while (perhaps im not yet fully warm up), then my lower chest start to feel some pain. Argh... what happened to me! Lucky all the pain just temporary!

A short 4km run, its was a good run, a good sweat run... im really sweat a lot, perhaps due to hot weather.

After run, we went to Yut Kee for breakfast. its was my second time in 1 weeks or in 3 days time!

Had chicken chop and egg!

Chicken chop looks nice and its taste good!
half boil eggs. i found Msia half boil egg is different from Singapore half boil egg!!! Singapore's 1 looks more tasty! haha
Yut Kee, the famous and always packed Chinese Kopitiam!

Photo taken on the mirror!

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