Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recycle Oldnewspaper

Yesterday, 18 December 2009, was a public holiday for Malaysia! My friend in Singapore is complaining why, how come Msia got so many holidays off!!! WTF,... she said Singapore only have 8 days public holidays for the whole year!!

Since, its public holiday, moreover i failed to buy ticket online for GSC movie, i cleaned my house!!!

Room cleaned, living room cleaned, then left 1 stalk on old newspaper. Wondering when i can get rib of it by selling.

During lunch, i saw this guy who collecting old newspaper, and naturally i approached him to come to my unit to take my old newspaper!

He said 1 feet height will buy back from me at RM2.50 (omg, im forget whether is Rm2.00 or RM2.50) compared with others which using palm to measure.

im really did not listen carefully how much is his offer, but my main intention was to get rib of the newspaper. But when im back at home, i measure how height is my old newspaper... 16 inch.

he offered me Rm3.00! at least have something back! else i would have throw into rubbish.
16 inch height, and i got RM3.00 in return!
The guy was so nice and kind, once he come to my unit, he 1st called me 老板, 老板, 收旧报纸,我也收罐子, 瓶子等等.... (translate, he called me non-stop Boss, Boss, we collecting old newspaper, bottles and tin too)  
the next recycling would be in 3 months time. Hope he still can offer me good price and service.

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