Friday, December 18, 2009

Night training for Putrajaya Night Marathon

Event: Night training for Putrajaya Night Marathon
Who: running with Ronnie - PM1
Venue: Lake Garden, KL
Date: 17 December 2009, Thursday
Time: 6.30am
Distance: 2.2km per loop = 11.0km (Original 9 loops but cut short)
Timing: 1hrs 16 minutes
Shoe: Saucony Triumph 6

Recently, rain keep falling without fail around 6.40pm.
This was mentioned by 1 of lady runner who with us at the gathering point. She had just done her running, and just hanging with us chit chat...

on 6.30pm we start our runs.
Its been long long time i did not do any running on evening. Now im running back on evening, i can feel im start to suffering on the run in evening.

Worse, for this run, i not really have done my warms up. my starting for 1st 10 minutes was ok. nothing happened and subsequently i feel my muscle pain, breathing problems, leg problems. I told myself, all these will gone once my running hits 20 minutes....

Its also been long long time i did not have kind of situation! Argh... im feel like im back to squareOne...

not long after we start running, its raining! from small rain to heavy rain! i thought Ronnie and others will stop, but im wrong, they continue. i can feel their "pia" spirit, thus i continue to run with them. Somehow im 1st can not adopt the feel of running in the rain, im start to slowed down, my shoe become heavier and water of surface making running tougher.

im still continue to run despite i was being left behind far far away! Running in rain, im enjoyed it.
Things running in my mind...
Things that running for past 12 months
Things that achieved for past 12 months

Recalled Tuesday birthday gathering with my senior, he got review himself every year...
That's why he decided to further his studies master to UK next year!
i shall "review" myself too...

When im come to loop 4, i wanted to stop and rest, as i know running in rain for too long is no good, but when Ronnie and others overtake me, i can feel their "pia" spirit again! i complete my 4th loops and decided to go extra 1 loop before i end my run for the evening...

Finally 5 loops running in the rain! They still running... i shall continue to join them for the Putrajaya Night marathon training.

Running with me were Injinji toe shock and Saucony Triumph 6. They serve me well!
my shock is getting dirty! but its serve me so well! i did not even get any blister for my 1st full marathon 42.195km...

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