Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Project 365 - #5

5th January 2010

Today is the 2010 second day working day. Its also my busiest time for the month. Its my closing period, i have to done my closing by tomorrow. Another busy day...

So busy since last year December 2009.

During lunch, we went to our nearest shop have economic rice (chap fan). Today Chap fan menu:
Small rice, chicken, vege, egg, and tau geh with free soup = RM4.50. Consider quite cheap. hehe

Suddenly i feel like just want to snap my lunch! Rewind back, thinks for seconds! OMG... im been visiting this economic rice stall for the past 3 weeks without fails! WTF... =.='''

i missed my old days lunch where we went to Lot 10 Foodcourt, Jln Imbi, Jln Ampang, Pavilion, Damansara Heights and etc etc!

Its January 2010, its also half year reporting, a lots of reports are waiting me to do... and i need to do budgeting too... Grrr, i need more time!

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