Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

Event: Putrajaya Night Marathon
When: 6th Feb 2010
Distance: 42.195km
Where: Putrajaya Palace of Justice

Woot, im the 34th person who register for the race? hehe

Putrajaya Night Run, i been running 2 times in Putrajaya last year! its was terrible hell the situation!
we started running around 8.00pm, the sun is went to another side of the world for duty, and left here a darkness, but the heat was still around! The earth still have the hot energy from sun! As im running, the heat is transmitted from earth to my body via my legs! Hot hot hot!

Putrajaya, looks nice, but lack of trees, and this making running more difficult. The air is not as fresh as in the early morning... Oh gosh, im going to have mental challenge during this race!


Anonymous said...

all the best....加油!!!

Kellaw said...

i wanna join also. how much? reg closed?

vin_ann said...

Kellaw, u can register online. you can see the link just below the picute.

its by hooha

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