Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Share the Road - Shit supercars @ MRR2.

In last Sunday 27 May 2012, I was with usual cycling group P2K cycle from PJ to Genting Sempah. We were using Pencala link to MRR2. 
Once our Peloton turned into MRR2, there's one very fast orange Laubughini bearing KiasuLand plate number went pass at fast lane. It's ok. Supercar LauBughini on fast lane while we at side lane. Within second came second supercar red FuckRari believed bearing local plate number was chasing the orange KiasuLand Laubughini in front... This red FuckRari was driving at second lane... then switch to fast lane over took others. After the red FuckRari, it's the yellow FuckRari, and the yellow FuckRari switched to third lane where our peloton are, and it's almost hit the peloton! It's was so close, with just 1 feet gap! I was at the back witness the whole process! 

)(*&$#8 brainless yellow FuckRani, lose in chasing to orange kiasuland Laubughini and driving recklessly! I cant imagine... i dare not imagine. It's happened so fast. God bless you yellow FuckRari driver, may you have a safe journey to heaven in future and please do not involve others. 

Within the short distance in MRR2, where we exit from Duke into Genting Sempah trunk road, there's a lot supercars heading to Genting direction on 27 May 2012.  God bless you have a safe journey on road. 

From  TwoWheelsBetter ! 

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