Friday, August 06, 2010

iPhone 4 + iPad Gathering - iPhone 4

iPhone 4 + iPad gathering @ 5 August 2010

A day to remember.

I feel im so lucky im able to join the gathering. Its was an awesome experience to joining them.

The much anticipated iPhone 4 was in front of me, and im playing with iPhone 4. I feel so lucky and excited.

The smoothness, retina display, and the feel of the iPhone 4... i can feel it for 1st 10 minutes...

then... i feel my excitement did not last long... why? why i feel like this?
Because im not use iPhone before. =.=''' Im just dont know where to explore deeper... All my knowledge on iPhone 4 are from internet, review and etc.. etc.. Im not able to give comments...

Btw, the facetime features also awesome!

Anyways, i hold it, i played with it. i love apple... i need cure for poison!

iPad Vs iPhone 4

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