Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Olympus E-P2 with C-mount CCTV Lens (25mm f1.4)

Remember the post of Olympus E-P2 which i posted previously.... Now the owner Dane of the camera have posted his photos...

I shall running the poison photos with 1 day 1 photo...  Guess, i have fall in love with it.

Daily photo will keep my motivation to pickup the photography skills and knowledge. Wish me good luck and all the best.

Message from the owner:

Fyi, all shot r taken in low light with no flash. 
If u notice, it also create a nice swirling bokeh in the background of light, though some may not like the vignetting. 

CCTV Lens (25mm f1.4) 

Tiny lens can produce kind of effect... im loving it... 

If you're can not wait for my 1 day 1 photo, you can view the full album here: 

DaneGreat's photostream

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