Thursday, August 12, 2010

S'Mores Restaurant - #No1PorkBurger 1st Outing!

A Facebook group call #No1porkburger group was established on Tuesday by Eric Yong with the aim of looking for the Ultimate Best Pork Burger in Malaysia and 2 days later, #No1porkburger have their virgin review on the Pork burger. All our food were self paying!

Thus, we are free to write whatever we feel...

The very virgin restaurant that #No1porkburger visited was S'more which located at Bangsar South.

The Sphere, Bangsar South 

The attendance were:
1. @ericyong77 Eric Yong (The Sek San) 
2. @bigboss8888 Jonathan Tan
3. @vin_ann Chin Ann (myself) 
4. @patchay Patrick Chay Ing Keong
5. @walauwei Jason Chan
6. @wackybecky Rebecca Saw
...and then 4 others, including @rachaelleyong, Kelvin, Yua and Chris. 

The Porky Streak 

The Mixed Sausage Platter 

The Pork burger! 

For the first time ever, i were thought by the makan god, Sek San, Sifu on how to rate a Pork Burger. 
The rating's are Looks, Taste, Juicyness, Portion, and Bonus Mark. 

The Looks 
To be honest, this is my second time having the Pork Burger and this is my first time seriously looking around the Pork burger. Its appear nothing for me to compare Eric's comment.  Anyways, i likes the cheese and pineapple which spilling out making me more hungrier.  
Rate:  6.5/10 

The Taste 
When i was 1st bite the Prok Burger, guess what, its was awesome. 1st time i can taste the charcoal burn taste on the burger. Im like the taste just like the char siew yuk at Jalan Ampang. 
Rate: 7/10  

The Juicyness  
The juicyness is just nice. No complaints as I cant compared to any other Pork burger. Guess i have to waits until my next Pork Burger makan-makan then only able to realized how good is the S'more pork burger juicyness. 
Rate: 7/10 

The Portion
3 of us were sharing the 3 different sets, The porky steak, the mixed sausage platter and pork burger. Its were just nice! With 1 glass of Hoegaarden, vola, its feel good. The pork burger only cost RM23.00. 
Rate: 6/10

3 pints for RM60 for happy hours promotions. 
Im tried to resist it as Im running marathon coming this Sunday, The River Jungle Marathon. But im failed to resist! 

The Bonus marks :- 
I reached at the Sphere at 8.00pm and there were lots of parking space in front the building. im was quite hungry and without waited for long, we ordered our sets. After ordered its Chit-chat, talk cock and blow blow water around the table. The food arrived within reasonable waiting time.  
Rate: 8/10  (guess, im just a simple, easy satisfy person, haha) 

hmmm.. based on Eric's calculation, i scored 34 out of 50. That is 68%  or 6.8/10. 

S'Mores Restaurant + Chilled Out
Unit G2, Ground Floor, The Sphere, Bangsarsouth
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 59200

Reservation Contact no. :  03- 2240 0069 ;   
email :

Reservations: Not required, but may need to if big group.
Set Meals: Didnt noticed, dont think so.
Use of MSG: Should have - food seemed quite salty.
Outdoor Section: Yes, smoking area. Smoking Section: Yes.. Pet Friendly: Eric is hoping if they would say yes...
Baby Chairs: Yes.
Separate Bar: Yes.
Car Valet: Parking is plenty, not required.
Private Rooms: Didnt noticed.
Credit Cards: Yes.

Looking forward to our next #No1PorkBurger makan-makan. 

P/s: Found that i still have a lots of room for improvement. With this 1st kind of experience, i will be doing a better review next round. 


Eric said...

nais... wow... 68% is pretty good.

Taufulou said...

wow! happy hour for Hoegarden sure a bargain~ :D

surely going for the beer liau..:p said...

Hi vin_ann,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks.
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

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