Sunday, August 08, 2010

Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee

Followed my running kakis for breakfast today.
He said the very famous Chili pan mee.. but he did not know how to tell us where its located.

so we just following him to the Chili Pan mee...

Oh, its the Kin Kin Chili Pan mee... im been always eating at the Super Kitchen Chili Pan mee due to fewer people and got seats for lunch. Never i got the chances to try the Kin Kin chili pan mee.

Now i got the chances!

The famous Restaurant Kin Kin

Nice soup

The Pan Mee... 
I put 1 small tea spoon of chili and its quite hot for me...! But im loving it. The Super Kitchen Pan Mee opposite the Kin Kin Pan Mee were not as good as Kin Kin! 
Some interesting sentences wrote on the wall... 

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