Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nambawan Cafe, Taman Sri Manja, PJ


I was thinking on how to spend my weekend.
Then i saw Rebecca's blog on Nabawan, and im just decided to give it a try on Sunday lunch.
Going there alone, and 1 click on google map shown me the direction.

Today, as planned. I was at Nambawan at 12.10pm.
Nice menu cover

Pork Burger - 100% home made! 

The Pork burger only cost RM6.90!!  Let's compare with the actual below. 

 Its the same... 
FYI, being the 1st customer,  i ordered my pork burger at 12.11pm and i waited for 22 minutes for it. So, hope you know how to do the math and be prepared for the waiting. 

The pork meat... really filling... 

Its simple, with 1 slide of tomato and cucumber that's all... and also vegetable. 

This round, learning from previous experience here, eating using hand and pressure the burger and open mouth bite the burger. 1 bite after another bite, meat is good. Its Fatty, Thick and Juicy. 

Finished the burger with 5 minutes and i feel that i can have another 1 more pork burger, but better not over-dose with Pork burger, I will be back again! 

The last bite, its gone... haha 

Photo taken from Rebecca's blog

Once you turn left entering into the Sri Manja Square One, you can start look for parking. Its very easy to spot the Orange signbroad on ur left. 
Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe
10, Sri Manja Square One
Taman Sri Manja
Jalan Klang Lama
46000 PJ.
Tel: 016-224 1533 (Yap), 013-263 2772 (Gilbert)
Business hours: 12 – 3pm, 6 – 10pm.
Close every other Monday, please call up to check 1st.


Rebecca Saw said...

So happy to knwo that they didnt change the price tho niz is better now!
My my, the kitchen is SLOW wei.. I think I waited quite a while too, come to think abt it, I was busy browsing the neighbourhood outside (1st time in tht area) so I ddint notice the wait time.
Hmm.. nw only thick tomato & cucumber? Wht happened to the sauce tht i like?

vin_ann said...

sauce? got.. just i took the burger away to snap the photo. hehe...

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

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