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G5N - Gunung 5 Nuang - An UTMB Qualifying Race in Peninsular Malaysia.

G5N - Gunung 5 Nuang - An UTMB qualifying race for 2015 in Peninsular Malaysia.  :) 

G5N - Gunung 5 Nuang (Mt Nuang)
Date: 30th Aug 2014 (Sat) – 1st Sep 2014 (Monday) Malaysia Public Holiday
Distance: 5 set (Nuang Entrance – Nuang Summit – Nuang Entrance)
Distance: 100km
Elevation gain:  8000m
Duration: 48 hrs (Cut off applied)
Entry Fee: RM 9.99 (Yes, you are reading it right!)

Limits: 30 participants

Let’s get this straight and out of the way – This, is not a race, so there is no space for anyone to whine about accuracy of distance, elevation or how cheap the entry fee is! Just don’t! You’ve been warned. You can however, whine and cuss about how difficult it is during the run.

The main theme of G5N is based on 3 key elements:
1) The ability of runners to take care of themselves, regardless the adversity.
2) Respect for nature
3) Trust

Jump right into the rules:

1) Due to the nature of the run, only runners with enough capability and experience can apply. Runners need to fulfill all 3 criteria:
A. A sub-4 marathon, certifiable.
B. A 100km trail ultra with a finishing time at the upper 75% range, i.e. those finished 100km race in 17hrs with a cut off of 18hrs will not be included; OR a completion of a 100miles trail race.
C. Email with a reason why do you want to join this. Be creative!

I do not want to come off as being an elitist with these strict requirements but the run itself is TOUGH. Furthermore, the sadistic side of me would like to see runners suffer a dying slow pain throughout the race.

2) There is only ONE aids station, which is the start/finish point of every loop. Food/Drink high in fat, protein, salts, sugar, carbohydrate will be served or whatever rubbish food you fancy. This is the ONLY part of the run I will NOT deprive you of any pleasure and satisfaction. Remember, you are here for a 48-hour food fest; running is just to pass the time. Resting place will be provided and you will be allotted some space to put your baggage, equipment, supplies, mattress (!!!) or maybe a kitchen sink. You will have room to sleep if you wish too, but be wary about the loop cut off!

3) Mandatory items. Well well, if you are experienced enough to enter the run, the chance is you probably know what you should bring along. I will not impose any mandatory equipment. BUT, a big BUT, that does not mean you should be taking this lightly. I do not run a sundry shop to provide fresh socks, tanning lotion or mosquitoes repellent, etc. If you run without a headlamp during night and knock yourself out rolling down the hills, well, life is a bitch, pick yourself up and move on. Whine a lot if it helps.

4) Only simple medical kits will be available at the aids station. Read this carefully, think twice and read again. There isn’t any medical support throughout the course. And no volunteers will be able to lift you out from the mountain so please spare them out of this misery. In the event of any misfortune, crawl yourself out of the woods to the aids station and we will figure it out from there onwards. Airlift is possible but not attempted yet in history. Don’t be the first! A little preparation on (3) will help you go a long way.

5) There will not be any extra marker apart from the existing ones available for hikers. Trust me, you have to be really blind in order to get lost, nor do you need to make a path to get through. There is visible trail up and down. Do take note that when you are tired and fatigue, attention to details seems to wane, and that’s when you will miss a turn or step. Don’t worry, the trees and rocks there won’t move by themselves….I Hope Not! You can always hike Nuang anytime before the run to familiarize yourself.

6) No outside support or pacer is allowed. Understand that during the course of 48 hours, you can always have friends to hike a loop or two with you if you are bored or are afraid of darkness, but they should give no extra assistance. To set the record straight, there are plenty of opportunities to break this rule; the only way to prevent this from happening is by having my TRUST in you.

7) There is only one place to throw your trash – aids station. I am pretty strict on this, any sight of anyone littering, smoking, lighting fire, damaging the nature will be DQ-ed on the spot, no second chance. However, fertilizing the soils with your urines and feces is allowed provided it is decently conducted.

8) The run itself will leave you scarred and marred physically and psychologically, so, you won’t be needing any t-shirt or medal to commemorate your victory. But there will be special souvenir for those finish within cut-off.

9) Reminder. 5 loops in 48hrs. (Cut Off for each loop applies and will be revealed soon). Not 4 loops, not 3 loops with broken leg or 2 loops with sprained ankle. Live up to the spirit of the challenge, if you fail, which most of you will, try again next year or in your own time – Nuang is always there!

10) If you are not pleased with (1) to (9), don’t join. Don’t argue. Don’t negotiate. Don’t complain. I have a life. And Yes, I am evil, crazy and heartless.

email to : gunung5nuang@gmail.com

p/s: Granted permission by race director for me to re-produce G5N race information for sharing. Anyone is crazy enough to take up the challenge (off course, you need to be a qualified person mention in rule 1 deem fit by the race director and not person with some fitness certifications trying their luck ) It's not your ordinary ultra race nor my race! But i wish 1 day, i can achieve to this level!

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