Saturday, March 29, 2008

JJ & Rudy

on Thursday, i was listening to the the Morning Crew JJ & Rudy. they were calling to the country manager of Nike and want to get some fund from nike for the charity.

so the idea was above. horey.

yesterday since morning, i was trying to the the 012-9192804 and very hard to get answered.

im keep trying and finally some one is pick up my calls and register my name on it.

so it's ON now:

30 March 2008
Padang Merbok

the registration start from 4.45am and will start to walk to the start line from 5.15am.

this is my first time im running in KL.
previously i was running Penang Brigde run, quite long time ago.

looking forward for this marathon.


Anonymous said...


LOL is this thing a hoax?

It's getting pretty close to April 1st and my friend who asked me along chickened out mysteriously...

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for running with us. We manage to collect about RM 8000. Thanks man

and to mr or ms anonymous, no hoax, we really did it. Maybe next time you'll join us.

vin_ann said...

Thanks JJ.
Yeah, we did it.

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