Tuesday, March 04, 2008


on Monday, i was audit alone at client place.

something is happened.

firstly, client give me 1 big room and told me that sorry that i have to share the room with other auditor, which is E. Y, their main auditor.

this give me a chilled. WTF, have to share with them. Sigh.

9am, 10am, 11am... as time passes, no 1 shown up.

anyways, lucky im was not emotionaly affected. at evening, a customer came and is need to use the room for some discussion with the client.

while the client is away for a whole, the customer asking me: "are you auditor?"
im replied: Yes.

Customer(C): you are from which firm?
Me (M): im from MR.
C: hmm, dun know. im from Hew & Tan
M: oh, it's my firm ex-name.
C: stil located at jln ampang south block?
M: Yes.....

so surprise to meet ex-MR(HT) staff at there.

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