Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FRIM @ Raining day

It's was one of the those day back then when i'm training for The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM TMBT 2011 where I'm just only running at FRIM. Only at FRIM and with the same route again and again and hardly go explore new routes available in FRIM.

It's was one of the training day, where it's rain and i'm running alone.  

You will know where this sign if you're frequent to FRIM. 

When I saw this, I know it's going to be end of the trail and beginning of another trail.  

The sky seem going to rain soon. Thus, not further continue but U-turn. 

Still look very fresh.... 

Argh... it's was durian season! 

Rain started to fall on the way back! 

Test on my Olympus water proof camera! haha... 

This was the 1st time running in rain with my New Balance MT101. 
It's good to test it out in wet condition to know how's performance of the shoe is. 

Water flow into the shoe and flow out of shoe very fast. 

July 2011 was the trail running fever. Even running in the rain were enjoyable. 
Ask me now, I'm wont be running in the rain anymore! 

No doubt NB MT101 serve me well. 

Been running trail with MT101 and have no problem at all... 
Except there's 1 movement where I'm so hate my MT101 ! 
It's in TMBT, it's raining, it's slippery, it's dark, it's going down the stairs, and i'm all alone! 
I'm were falls down few times!  

Half way, I met Ben, he told me it's slippery in front ! 
Okay, it's not my shoe problem, but the extreme slippery condition for all type of shoes... 

My beloved New Balance MT101 accompany me since July 2011, concurred 1 50KM Trail Ultra and 2 100KM Trail Ultra until to-date.  

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