Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend ride with P2K - 25 March 2012

Weekend ride with P2K.
Started at Uptown, PJ to Batang Berjuntai and back via Guthrine highway.
Total mileage clocked 103KM. actually should be more as i forget to press start when leaving Uptown, and only pressed start at One Utama flyover.
Looking at the map, wonder how i manage to complete the ride!

Been riding with P2K on and off since November 2011.
Recalling that my 1st ride with P2K were to Guthrine Highway and back on Saturday "short" ride.
Recalling that my 1st ride with P2K to Batu Arang that I'm were dropped when going up the first bridge.
So many painful drop out memories.

But today, I felt different. I managed to follow most of the time and only dropped when they "attacked".
After being dropped out, the drafting gone, riding alone become harder. Keep paddle.
Tried to follow one rider, managed to follow him for some distance and then i'm dropped.
Ride alone again... and it's hills.
Suddenly, someone shouted my name. Oh, another 3 riders coming fast from back! yeah, got another opportunity to follow and drafting. Managed to follow until 1KM before reaching our 1st stop!
More training are needed to catch up with them.

We have our 1st stop at Batang Berjuntai.

From Batang Berjuntai, we head back to Uptown via Guthrine highway. The group is firing up when entering into highway where's its a hill entrance. Dropped off there with few riders.
In this stretch, Pulley the white hair old man paddle at constant speed on uphills... I'm put in every effort trying to keep up with him, but still unable to follow him...

We have our 2nd stop at Petronas after Guthrine Highway.

We have our 3rd stop at McD Kota Damansara.

My wired CatEye meter is malfunction at KM 52. sigh. Suspect run out of battery.

Satisfied ride. 

Look forward to our Melaka ride next weekend 31 March & 1st April 2012. 

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